Frequently Asked Questions About Attending The Walk to Emmaus

Why do I need a sponsor?

The Walk to Emmaus is a once in a lifetime event. Words cannot describe it. Only someone who has attended can understand the amazing blessings awaiting you at Emmaus. A sponsor covenants to pray for you before, during and after your Walk. A sponsor does his or her best to take care of all your needs and the needs of your family while you're away. If you desire to attend a Walk to Emmaus, but do not have a sponsor, please contact us. We will gladly match you to someone, hopefully from your own church, that has previously attended the retreat.

Where is the Walk held?
The Walk to Emmaus is currently held at the Ritchie County 4-H Camp near Harrisville, W.Va.

What are the facilities like?
Pilgrims bunk in a large one-level bunk house equipped with toilets and showers. The bunk house is comfortable and has air conditioning. Heaters will be provided if the weather is cool. Mornings are often chilly so bring warm clothing or a jacket. Devotionals are held in a separate building. Meals are served in the dining hall which has both AC and heat. You will hear most of the speakers in the conference room which has bathroom facilities. All facilities are handicap accessible.

How much does it cost?
The Walk to Emmaus costs $115. A $25 deposit will reserve your spot and can be sent in with your registration form. The balance is due at check-in on the first night of your retreat. Scholarships are available. Contact our registrar for more information.

What time should I arrive?
Your sponsor will bring you to camp between 7:00 and 7:30 pm for registration and check-in. A social hour will follow with all pilgrims, their sponsors, and retreat staff.

What time will the retreat end?
The Walk to Emmaus will be over sometime around 6 pm on Sunday evening. Your sponsor will provide your transportation home. But as you will hear many times throughout the not anticipate!

What should I bring?
Dress for the weekend is casual. Most of the time is spent indoors, however, some activities will be outside. Therefore, you should bring clothing to accommodate weather changes. Bring any personal items you may need, including a Bible, pillow, bed linens, towel, shower shoes, flashlight and toilet articles. Pencils, notebooks and related supplies will be provided.

Is there anything I shouldn't bring?
The Walk to Emmaus is a 72 hour retreat from the every day world. To fully experience your walk, we ask that you not bring your watch or cell phone. All staff have access to the phone and clocks, in case of emergencies or timed medication. Back home, your sponsor also has all contact information for the camp and will communicate with the staff if necessary. In our effort to make this a private experience, we also ask that you do not bring a camera to the Walk to Emmaus.

What should I expect?
It is common to feel some apprehension your first night on the Walk to Emmaus. Every day gets better and by Sunday you won't want to go home. Be prepared for changes in weather, so bring clothes that you can layer and an umbrella. And expect the time of your life!